“Luft Gekühlt Kreuzer” – ( Air-Cooled Cruisers ) – LGK VW Club

In 2014, Shane Constantinescu and Johnnie Balfour stepped up to the challenge of creating the kind of club they had been looking for—and couldn’t find.  They had been members of other clubs in the past, and although there were good aspects and good people, the fit wasn’t quite right. To find that fit, they created LGK. They saw a need and filled it, building the club from scratch and making it awesome!

A core local membership rapidly grew and before long, based on the community feel and mutual appreciation of Volkswagens, membership expanded across the globe.  Currently there are “internet” members in Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom, South America, and many in the United States. Looking at the club’s Facebook page, it is apparent how far-reaching and how extensive the group has become.

LGK focuses mainly on vintage Volkswagens – Luft Gekuhlt Kreuzer translates to “Air-Cooled Cruiser”, however membership is open to the water-cooled crowd as well.  There are no set prerequisites, it’s all about the passion for Volkswagens.  There are no experience or knowledge requirements.  Young or old, all are welcome to share their enthusiasm and love of these iconic vehicles.

LGK has a very strong family feel for a car club, replacing the stereotypical club types.  LGK is all about families: men, women and kids, all enjoying the Volkswagen lifestyle. We welcome new members and there is definitely something for everyone in this very diversified group of passionate aficionados.

Drop by our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/LGKVWclub/.  We’d love for you to drop in for a visit.  You may even decide to become part of the family.